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Welcome to the fifty-first edition of the Web Dev Weekly newsletter... We'll be giving you a short, concise list of everything you need to know from around the web from the last week. From tutorials, to new developments, ideas and articles.

Laravel Spark - a starter application
The makers of Laravel have released Spark, a starter application that you can build your own app on top of. This app includes all of the boring but necessary functionality such as users, teams, billing, invoicing, subscriptions, announcements, developer console and even an API.

LocationIQ - A decent geocoding service
If you've ever worked with addresses and maps you know how much of a pain geocoding those addresses can be. LocationIQ allows 30,000 requests per day for free and allows commercial use, which is better than any other provider I've seen.

Tribute, a lightweight mention plugin
Native JavaScript plugin that allows you to easily integrate @mentions into your application. Tribute is from Zurb, the guys behind Foundation.

Be more productive in Sublime Text
Shortcuts, tips and must-have packages for Sublime Text. I use a lot of these myself and can vouch for how helpful they can be.

Every time you call a proprietary feature "CSS3", a kitten dies
...and nobody wants that.

mjml - a framework for responsive emails
Use mjml's tags to build your email markup, run it through their compiler, and you'll get responsive emails that have better support than your average email. No more messing about with inline styles and ancient attributes.

DrawSVG - animate paths in SVGs
This jQuery script draws the paths out of your SVGs. It's a great effect, with a lot of uses.

Gogs - Go Git Service
Gogs is billed as a 'painless self-hosted git service'. Think of it as your own hosted version of Github.

Adblock detector, adj.js
adi.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps detect adblockers.

Stretchy Navigation - CSS and jQuery solution
This is a drop-in solution to a pop-out stretchy navigation (demo).

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