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Happy new year! Hope everyone has a great 2016.

Welcome to the forty-eigth edition of the Web Dev Weekly newsletter... We'll be giving you a short, concise list of everything you need to know from around the web from the last week. From tutorials, to new developments, ideas and articles.

Parse is gone
Yep, that's it. Parse - Facebook's backend as a service (BaaS) to handle your apps' server-side workings - is being closed down. You've got 12 months to get everything off it before it's all gone for good. Read up on how to do that and what alternatives you have.

Building Optimizely's UI library, part 1 of 2
A walk through Optimizely's new Sass and UI library (OUI), some goals, and managing a framework within a company.

Building Optimizely's UI library, part 2 of 2
Part 2! This is a little more techy, and a great article about managing this sort of stuff ongoing.

The art of the commit
Commit messages are important, even on small commits that you think are pretty obvious. Over the years I've seen commits containing '.' through to commits containing song lyrics, but not often enough do I see just the right amount of info on what is actually going on in that commit. A List Apart have done a good article here on what should be going into your commit.

Remote debugging with Charles
David Walsh talks us through remote debugging for a TV-based web app. It's difficult to debug an app running on a TV, and that's where Charles comes in - a remote debugging tool. It's not just for niche TV app developers though, it works well with mobile apps and other remote devices too.

Publish a plugin to the WordPress Plugin directory
WordPress is great, and with close to 50,000 plugins it has a lot of bases covered. But do you have a great idea to extend WP functionality? Here's how to get a plugin into the big wide world.

Reimagining single-page apps (SPA)
If you've never made a SPA before this article is a great read. If you have made one, read it anyway, as some great points are made.

Now, UI kit from Invision
You have probably heard of Invision, the live prototyping app, but now they've released a lovely UI kit called... Now. Take a look, it's pretty.

TouchPoint JS
TouchPoint is a really basic bit of JS that allows you to visualise touches and taps. Use it to build your own prototypes or walk-throughs.

Quantity Query builder
A quantity query is a complex CSS selector that allows styles to be applied to elements based on the number of siblings. They're useful things, and this tool helps you build them.

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