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Welcome to the forty-sixth edition of the Web Dev Weekly newsletter... We'll be giving you a short, concise list of everything you need to know from around the web from the last week. From tutorials, to new developments, ideas and articles.

Foundation 6 is here
Yesterday Foundation 6 was released and includes a 50% code reduction, fewer style overrides and more features (including a Motion UI library). Foundation is a more powerful alternative to Bootstrap and if you haven't tried it already then you probably should.

Using the Gamepad API with web games
Using JavaScript it is possible to access an API that interacts with a user's game pad. This gives a whole new dimension to HTML5 game developers who used to rely solely on a keyboard and mouse.

Mixing color for the web with Sass
Sass is a powerful tool, which you should definitely be using over CSS. However, I know for a fact that many don't use it to its full potential, especially when it comes to the color palette.

Titan Framework for WordPress
Love or hate, WordPress is hugely popular and a powerful system. Titan is a framework for WordPress's powerful settings system called Customizer.

Using Doctrine in Laravel 5
I'm sure you all know what Doctrine is. Laravel already ships with a brilliant ORM, but those who prefer to use Doctrine can do so, and here's how.

A guide to DOMDocument
DOMDocument is a PHP library used to make changed to the DOM. David Walsh describes how he used it to update links of his site to HTTPS.

A guide to JavaScript Service Workers
A JS Service Worker is a script that runs in the background, and doesn't (necessarily) require a web page or user interaction to run.

Spectacle - A ReactJS presentation Library
Using this library and ReactJS you can create some pretty cool effects - the demo says it better than I.

LaunchKit - help for app developers
Those who make mobile know that the ecosystem is much broader than the app itself. You need to build pretty screenshots, a solid sales website, and more. LaunchKit aims to do all of the extra bits for you.

Image blur plugin
No non-sense here. A JS plugin that blurs background images. Potentially very useful for CMS-driven sites.

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