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Happy new year! Hope everyone has a great 2016.

Welcome to the forty-seventh edition of the Web Dev Weekly newsletter... We'll be giving you a short, concise list of everything you need to know from around the web from the last week. From tutorials, to new developments, ideas and articles.

Automate Bower with prepublish
Prepublish is shipped right into your Package.json. This article highlights how to help the automation process with Bower by utilising it.

How to handle file upload in an API
Generally, over HTTP, you handle file upload using a multipart form. That isn't necessarily how to do it with a REST API.

Firefox devtools, revisited
I'm a Chrome guy personally, but from time to time when I need to use Firefox I find their devtools quite impressive, and always find features not available in Chrome's. Check out the most recent iteration.

Generating SVGs with React
React is great, SVGs are brilliant, so lets mix it up.

Blending modes demystified
W3C have 15 new blending modes that they recommend, but what on Earth do they all mean, and how do they differ?

Getting started with WooCommerce
WordPress now makes up roughly 25% of the main web. Pretty impressive, but how much do you know about it and their e-commerce arm, WooCommerce? Here's a getting started tutorial.

iOS from scratch with Swift
iOS dev has been notoriously difficult to get into in the past with the very steep learning curve of Objective-C. Apple has tried to change that with Swift, and here's a beginners guide.

Image to ASCII with Node
A clever tool to convert an image into ASCII using Node. This could be useful for a console application header/MOTD.

PHP7 + Laravel + Forge + DigitalOcean
An end-to-end guide on setting up Laravel on DO with some standard tools and stack.

A short note on productivity
I read this and liked it. No magic tricks, not hidden gems, just some obvious advice that lots of people don't want to believe.

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