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Progressive Web App Builder

This handy tool allows you to generate the manifest file and gives you a very good start to turning your website into a Progressive Web App. You can start with a website that already exists, if you like.

CSS Environment Variables Are Becoming Standard

I'm sure most of you probably already use a CSS preprocessor like Sass or LESS, so you might be used to using variables in your stylesheets already. You'll be pleased to hear that variables are making their way into the official CSS standard. Many browsers already support native CSS variables, but a standard should help speed things up and keep all major browsers on the same track.

CSS Grid - Responsive layouts and components

Everyone knows what a CSS grid is, but are you aware you can use 'display: grid' to use the browser's native grid rather than using a framework or rolling your own column layout? This article runs through some use cases. According to Can I Use? you're good to go with modern browsers.

CSS Blocks - The Frontend Devs' New Best Friend

CSS Blocks, a tool from LinkedIn, has now been open-source. CSS Blocks allows for larger applications to more gracefully split out their stylesheets without having to compromise on how they're managed internally. Have a read.


Thinkster is a fullstack tutorial site. There are tonnes of tutorials out there, but the problem with them all is how they focus on small aspects of a bigger picture. Thinkster is different. After you pick your stack you can work through a tutorial to make a real-life application and apply what you learn.

The Sass Way

The Sass Way focusses on covering news from the industry looking directly at Sass and CSS topics. The good thing about The Sass Way is that contributions come directly from the community via GitHub, rather than just one or two authors, so the articles cover a broad range.

Tailwind CSS - A Utility-First CSS Framework for Rapid UI Development

Tailwind is a CSS framework that works utility-first. It aims to give you the tools to create a UI components, rather than focussing on layout like many other frameworks.

Learning Gutenberg - CSS-Tricks

CSS Tricks is a great resource for tidbits, but they also have some great guides. Gutenberg is the new editor for WordPress. Like it or hate it, WordPress isn't going anywhere, and Gutenberg is going to shake up how WordPress websites are put together. It's certainly worth looking at, even if you don't use WordPress.

Google Flutter - Beautiful native apps in record time

Flutter is Google's answer to React Native. It's a cross-platform framework for building apps. Using Dart, which is similar to JavaScript, you can write apps quickly that can be compiled to various platforms. Additionally, you can access most native SDKs.

console.timeLog - Use it for logging specific events in the console

David Walsh talks us through a new Firefox feature for timing tasks in the console. Hopefully this will make its way to other browsers, but even if it doesn't you can still achieve the same with some quick tweaks.

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