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Welcome to the forty-fifth edition of the Web Dev Weekly newsletter... We'll be giving you a short, concise list of everything you need to know from around the web from the last week. From tutorials, to new developments, ideas and articles.

Foundation 6: Leaner, Meaner and Cleaner Sass
Foundation is a leading frontend framework - think of it as Bootstrap on steroids. This article talks us through the changes in Foundation 6's Sass.

Getting the numbers for responsive images
You know what responsive images are, but this screencast shows the best way to load them into your HTML using srcset.

15 websites using Express.js
Sometimes the best way to judge a framework's capabilities is to see it in the real world.

Speed up materialized views in Rails/PostgreSQL
An in-depth tutorial on how to speed up materialized views in PostgreSQL using a Ruby on Rails application.

A Google Analytics dashboard for front-end devs
Analytics can be a powerful tool for developers just as much as marketers. Here's one of the best ways to set out your Analytics to see the most important data to you as soon as you log in.

Smartwatch platforms to consider developing for soon
Wearable tech is gaining traction, but with so many different offerings available it is important to gauage which platform is right to develop for. Here are some of the market leaders.

A CSS Flipbook
The guys over at Zurb have made a flipbook made from CSS. Resize your browser to make him walk, or prance.

BasicModal - easy to use modals
Nicely implemented modals can bring a page to life and emphasise what is most important. BasicModal is simple to integrate, looks great, and has a lot of featrues with a powerful API.

Inbox SDK - Build apps in Gmail
InboxSDK makes it easy to integrate your app with Gmail. You may have seen it used with Dropbox, Stripe or Streak. A great tool if you have an idea for a Gmail app.

Tooltip toolbars with Toolbar.js
Build buttons with popup toolbars. This will work great for apps with lots of functionality that needs to remain looking clean.

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