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Welcome to the fiftieth edition of the Web Dev Weekly newsletter... We'll be giving you a short, concise list of everything you need to know from around the web from the last week. From tutorials, to new developments, ideas and articles.

RegExp Crosswork
Every wanted to learn Regex? Lots of us have, but many of us just can't muster the patience. Well here's a bit of anovel way to do it - a crossword!

Flexbox Defense
Sticking with a theme here... Like Tower Defense games? Interested in Flexbox? Write some flexbox CSS to play Tower Defense.

CSS scroll snap points
The scroll-snap CSS property makes the browser move smoothly to the best scroll point. Here's how to use it.

An introduction to Laravel Facades
I love Laravel, I use it every day. It's a clean framework, but also has a lot of its own unique tools. Facades is one of them.

Laravel Spark
Laravel Spark is a ready-to-go SaaS out-of-the-box. Run the installer and you have registrations, trials, coupons, Stripe subscriptions... Everything you need to run a SaaS app except for the app itself - think of it as the boring stuff that you inevitably get bored doing. Spark has been Alpha for a few months now, but was removed from GitHub this week in preparation for launch. Watch this space.

Server-side rendering with React, Node and Express
The title says it all really. A full JS stack, and how to handle such things. The article is quite heavy early on, so if you want to get stuck in just scroll down to the code, although the write-up is a good read.

HTML5 ping attribute
Pop a ping attribute on an anchor tag and it'll send a POST to all of the URLs. No one is too sure what to use it for!

Vapor - Web Framework for Swift
Swift recently went open source, and with that has come more integrations. Vapor is a Laravel inspired web framework for Swift.

Amazing CSS3 Text Effects
A nice collection of CSS3 text effects applied in CodePens. Some of these are only Webkit or Chrome friendly at the moment, but a lot have better compatibility. Awesome stuff.

Lastly, although not directly related to web dev, I did find this quite interesting. Speke is a web app that illustrates topics from social media in a geographical way. You can view and chat anonymously about trending topics.

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