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Welcome to the forty-nineth edition of the Web Dev Weekly newsletter... We'll be giving you a short, concise list of everything you need to know from around the web from the last week. From tutorials, to new developments, ideas and articles.

Chrome and CSS variables
The latest version of Chrome will now natively support CSS variables. This is great news, and a big step forward.

JavaScript API for a sliding tiles game
We've all played one of these sliding tiles game, but now you can make one... and solve one, using JS. The interesting part of this is how it's solved using an A* search algorithm.

Upup - Make your site always available
Upup is a clever little bit of JS that allows your site to be accessible offline... OK, not quite, but it does give you some control over it.

Web dev with Meteor
Meteor is a full stack using JavaScript, and here's a great intro tutorial on how to get started with a standard build

Grid Guide
Calculate pixel-perfect grids for the web with this pretty and useful tool. A quirky domain name too.

Apostrophe CMS
Apostrophe is a CMS built with Node.js and MongoDB and uses in-context editing. Have a look at the demo.

jQuery My - two-way data binding with little overhead
This lightweight library allows to data binding in real time and works with all the normal controls out of the box (jQuery UI, Select2, Redactor, Codemirror, etc).

The issue with NPM packages
Joseph Zimmerman talks through the issues faced when installed packages globally. This should be common knowledge, but normally isn't.

Rucksack - CSS Superpowers
Rucksack is "a little bag of CSS superpowers". Really fast and modular Rucksack aims to add the features many developers feel CSS should already have (responsive typography, shorthand positioning, aliasing, proper clearfixing, etc).

Flarum open source forum
Flarum is pretty, fast and simple (and free, of course) forum software. I'm a fan of Flarum as it's clean and has all of the features you'd expect without any of the nonsense.

Priority Nav - automatically hide nav items
Ever given a client control of a navigation bar in a CMS? If so, they've probably broken the layout by adding too many items. Priority Nav would prevent that.

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