April Fools Day 2017 Roundup

Posted on April 03, 2017

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Every year tech companies across the Internet desperately try and outdo each other with increasingly more inventive April Fools Day jokes and pranks.  We have seen everything from train carriages for dogs to the infamous Mic Drop addition to Gmail that backfired horribly.

Well, this year there are plenty of new ones and below is a round up of a few of the best.

Algolia's CSS only search API

Algolia - the search as a service provider - announced that they had built their search API in a pure-CSS manner, meaning JavaScript wasn't required.  Cleverly, any attempt to use Chrome's dev tools would crash both the dev tools window and the Chrome tab.

Stack Overflow Dance Dance Authentication

You can now log into your SO account and authenticate using the medium of dance.  And singing.  And blinking.

Pac-Man on Google Maps

Google always do well on April 1st, and this year is no different with Pac-Man being available to play on Google Map.

Google Gnome

Another one from Google is Google Gnome, the Alexa/Google Home-like device to help you manage your garden and yard.  Probably not a coincidence that Google Home is released in the UK on April 6th.

Amazon Petlexa

Petlexa is Amazon's Alexa for your pets.  Alexa's upgrade means she can now understand your pets.  Useful.

nVidia G-Assist - AI for your games

nVidia's latest April Fool is AI for your games.  It will help you by continuing to play while you leave the keyboard, and 'Boss Boost' to let it take over.